30-Day Maternity Leave

Dr. Dianne Johnson with baby Erica – she was born Christmas Eve morning. 8.5 pounds

Clover Acres Livestock office is closed until Dr. Johnson returns from maternity leave in about 30 days. She will return to a full work load as demands of the season require. Clover Acres phone number (866-814-5755) is still active. During this time, voicemails (extension 2) will be monitored by an assistant and emergencies (extension 3) will be forwarded to Cross Border Equine.

The office assistant, Mendi Michaels, is listening and responding to voicemails (ext. 2) every weekday. She can schedule appointments and contact Dr. Johnson at her discretion. If you need copies of your records or need to refill a prescription, please leave a voicemail so that Mendi can alert Dr. Johnson to your request. Additionally, to refill a prescription, go ahead and place on order using the online pharmacy so that Dr. Johnson can simply approve your request.

Emergency calls (ext. 3) will be forwarded to Dr. Roger Osinchuk at Cross Border Equine in Springfield, VT. Also available for equine emergencies, is Dr. Heather Hoyns at Evergreen Equine in Reading, VT. Should you want to contact either of these veterinary services directly, their numbers are: Cross Border: 802-885-4883; Evergreen Equine: 802-484-9100.

Emails and Facebook Messages are unreliable forms of communication during this time. Emails may receive an automatic reply, Facebook Messages might not receive any reply. Please call 1-866-814-5755 and use extensions 2 or 3 (described above) for your needs.

CALVS is owned and operated by Dr. Dianne Johnson. Dr. Johnson graduated from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech in May 2012. Dianne is thankful to be back in Vermont (the other “VT”), where she is close to her family and many friends.

Prior to establishing CALVS, Dr. Johnson did a 6-month internship at Cross-Border Equine in Springfield, VT. Dr. Johnson enjoys working with cattle, small ruminants, camelids, and horses, and will also work with swine and poultry on an as-needed basis. Dianne is especially interested in sustainable farming, pasture management, and preventative care.

In her spare time, Dianne enjoys reading, walking and hiking with her dog, and crafts.

Prior to studying veterinary medicine, Dianne studied psychology and worked as an outdoor education instructor. She enjoys teaching youth and adults husbandry and veterinary medical skills.

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