• Clients are expected to be at the farm at the time of a scheduled appointment.  If a substitute (relative, herd manager, neighbor, or care-taker) will take your place, please notify Dr. Johnson prior to the appointment and make appropriate payment arrangements.
  • If an appointment must be cancelled/rescheduled, please notify CALVS as early as possible.  A call fee may be assessed for appointments cancelled the day of.
  • Emergencies get priority over scheduled appointments. However the nature of the emergency, the nature of a scheduled appointment, and the location of the doctor will determine in which order such cases are seen.  Dr. Johnson will make every effort to inform clients when she will be late for an appointment.  In return, clients are expected to respect Dr. Johnson’s discretion when emergencies arise.
  • Emergencies often start with Ain’t Doin’ Right signs occurring several hours, if not days, before an animal becomes critically sick or injured.  Please call CALVS for advice as soon as possible when an animal’s behavior changes and a need for medical intervention is expected.   Early intervention is often the most effective treatment, is the least costly, and the simplest to schedule.