Dairy & Beef Cattle

Current Services
•Physical exams
•Fecal egg counts
•Routine surgeries (e.g. castration, c-section, calf hernia repair, etc.)
•General medicine, sick animals
•Production assessment
•Debudding, dehorning
•Health Certificates

Preventative care consultations including, but not limited to:
•Breeding protocols

•Deworming and parasite-control protocols
•Vaccination protocols
•Pre-purchase considerations and introducing new animals to the flock/herd
•Basic nutrition
•Pasture management
•Milk quality
•Meat quality assurance
•Disease-risk assessments (e.g. clostridial diseases and Johne’s)
•Record analysis
•Biosecurity consultation

Future Services
•Mastitis cultures and targeted treatment (cultures are currently sent to labs)
•Pregnancy diagnosis with ultrasound