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Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule                         

*CALVS will not post specific prices on the website because they may change frequently.  
*You may always request an estimate by phone, e-mail, or in-person.

In General:

  • Prices are determined based on the cost of supplies and a generally-accepted hourly rate for large animal veterinarians.  Every on-farm visit will include a fee for the call in addition to all services provided, supplies used, and supplies distributed.  
  • Emergency calls will include an emergency fee, the amount of which depends on the time of day and may or may not be added to emergencies that are attended to during normal business hours.
  • Dr. Johnson will also charge a higher hourly rate for after-hours emergencies. This will help compensate her family for the disruption to daily routines.
  • Calls which require equipment or assistance from another veterinary clinic will be billed according to that clinic’s fee schedule.  

 There are 2 categories for fees:

  • Products: CALVS charges for products will be similar to what you might pay for them elsewhere.  For example, if you can buy a vial of vaccine at the local feed store, the price CALVS charges will be similar.  CALVS will not match prices though. CALVS prices are based on the cost that CALVS pays.
  • Services: Services may include products, such as a local numbing agent, but more importantly they compensate for Dr. Johnson’s professional skills, knowledge, and training.  Services and products are sometimes charged simultaneously.  In the case of vaccine administration, you may see two items on your invoice.  One item will be the product itself.  The other item will be a service item (such as “time”) – typically $5-15 per animal.  The  service portion relates to the time required for administration and the value provided by Dr. Johnson’s discernment of which vaccine(s) should be used, proper handling of the vaccine, proper administration, ability to care for the animal should there be an adverse reaction, etc.  
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