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Poultry Flock Medicine

Dr. Johnson prefers flock medicine over individual care. She is skilled at identifying husbandry problems that may impact flock health including parasites, diet, security against predators, environmental problems that may cause bumble foot, among others. In the event of disease outbreak Dr. Johnson can help identify the cause and suggest corrective measures. Dr. Johnson does not perform surgery on individual birds (apart from the occasional bumble foot) or provide medicine for individual birds.

Production Rabbits

Rabbits are similar to poultry in that excellent husbandry is integral to preventative care, which is more useful than medical care for individually sick rabbits. Dr. Johnson has compiled information from a variety of sources and wrote a manual on rabbit husbandry for some projects in rural, tropical Philippines. She is also working to produce video tutorials for those projects. With this background, Dr. Johnson is skilled at identifying husbandry problems that impact rabbit health. She does not perform surgery on rabbits nor has she ever prescribed medicine for rabbits.

Dog & Cat Consultations

Dr. Johnson takes care of many livestock species, but NOT dogs and cats. While she is willing to consult with livestock clients about small animal problems, she will not treat small animal problems. She can vaccinate healthy pets against rabies and dogs against Lyme, but she does NOT carry other vaccines, tests, or prescription medications for cats/dogs.  All dog/cat owners are strongly recommended to visit a small animal veterinarian at least annually for routine care.

cat-dog-veterinary-servicesWith a background in psychology, but no formal education in dog/cat training, Dr. Johnson is willing to consult on canine and feline behavioral problems.  Any consultation will be charged by the hour in addition to a house call.

Most importantly, Dr. Johnson recognizes the difficulty of making end-of-life decisions about pets. She can assess the extent of pain exhibited by a pet in the owner’s home and discuss the challenges of nursing an elderly or sick animal. As a consultant she will charge her normal hourly rate for these serious conversations and in-home assessments.  There will also be a house call fee, and if it’s last-minute, an emergency fee. Dr. Johnson does NOT provide palliative care, but she may be able to help the owner follow instructions provided by a small animal veterinarian.  Dr. Johnson does offer in-home euthanasia for cats and dogs, but the owner must have a disposal plan ready (either burial or cremation).

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