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Example Fees

Service Packages for Ruminants & Camelids                    

Last updated: Nov. 2013; prices are subject to change without being updated here. 

 Initial Farm Visit – Brief Consultation (30 minutes on farm) – $60

  • The owner/manager of the farm provides a tour and an overview of procedures.
  • The owner/manager will complete a form about the herd/flock.
  • Dr. Johnson will provide a written report of recommendations for improving farm production and animal health.

Pre-purchase consult – $60 (for one animal, add $15 for each additional)

  • Brief physical exam
  • Fecal exam, with possible fecal egg count reduction test
  • Updated vaccination and quarantine protocols tailored for your farm and the incoming animal(s)

Deworming package – $25 (for first animal), $15 for each additional

  • Recommended once annually
  • Fecal Egg Count-Reduction test(s) – $25 for one animal, $15 for each subsequent animal tested 
  • Deworming protocol tailored to your farm
  • Management recommendations tailored to your farm

Wellness exam – $30-$45 per animal

  • Brief physical exam
  • Body condition scoring
  • Weight (if you have a scale)
  • Foot trim 
  • Vaccine administration may be done simultaneously
  • An additional “rodeo” fee may apply depending on working conditions.
  • Recommended for adults shortly after lambing/kidding and shortly before breeding
  • Recommended for weanlings at time of weaning and 5-6 months later.

Protocol Development – $40 each

  • Deworming
  • Pasture Management
  • Vaccines
  • Biosecurity
  • Foot Rot, Mastitis
  • Lambing/kidding, Breeding
  • Ain’t Doin’ Right (ADR) – when to call a veterinarian.
  • Others by request
For all packages:
*Vaccines, medicines, additional lab testing, and other services will incur additional fees.

*A call charge will apply to all farm calls.  
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