Spring 2017 Vaccines and Rabies

Schedule farm animal booster vaccines for your pets, large and small!  Horses, sheep, goats, dogs, and cats are common recipients of rabies vaccines. See below for Spring Vaccines recommendations.

Sheep, Goats, Alpacas, Cattle: It is prudent to protect breeding animals, milking animals, and pets against rabies, tetanus and other clostridial diseases.

Horses: Horses should receive the recommended core vaccines against the mosquito-borne viruses EEE, WEE, and West Nile at this time of year. The mosquito-borne virus vaccine is usually combined with tetanus.  Many horses are due for Rabies boosters along with their spring vaccines. 

There are other common horse vaccines that are situation-specific, such as Lyme, Potomac Horse Fever, and the respiratory viruses, flu and rhino (herpes).

Dogs & Cats: Many local dogs and cats are due for rabies booster vaccines at this time of year, so call to schedule if you don’t have a regular small animal veterinarian.  Dr. Johnson also has canine distemper and Lyme vaccines in-stock.

Dr. Johnson is a mobile veterinarian. All livestock/ farm animal vaccinations are done on site at your location.

Contact Dr. Johnson today to review the needs for your animals and schedule an appointment that will include a wellness exam.

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